Is there no other way?

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3. mai 2017 av Eline

My friend Katinka Bakkland has a blogg called my mormon journey
She recently wrote a post that I loved. It was really food for thought. I am gratefull that she let me repost it here on my blogg.
Kathinka was baptized 22 years ago. She has shared more about her self and her faith journey here.
We believe that we, our spirits, lived with our Heavenly Father before we came to earth. In the great council in Heaven, Jesus Christ vounteered to lay down his life for us, to suffer, to be ridiculed, to feel pain beyond comprehension. He came forth and said: «Here am I, send me». He did it because he knew the importance of what needed to be done, and he did it because of his great love for his Father and for all of us.
So many people in the world get angry with God when life seems unfair, and even cruel. Many ask the question: «Why do bad things happen to good people?»

Consequences, both good and bad, are a natural part of our lives. Everything and everyone are pieces in this great puzzle of life. And every piece matters.

I belive that we too, before we came to earth, had the opportunity to take upon us a life of misery, or pain, or heartache. Maybe you raised your hand bravely and said:

«Here am I, send me!».

Despite knowing you would live a hard life, because exactely how difficult it would be in a physical body, in a physical world, we knew not.

While some of you were given heartbreaking challenges and might have said:

«Is there no other way?»

And then, because you at that time understood what blessings the heartaches would entail, you agreed, despite what you knew you would face. Whether it is cancer, losing your loved ones or having to pass through seemingly endless trials.
As we passed through the veil on our journey to earth, all was forgotten and we came to earth alone, not knowing. And as life unfolded with all the misery and pain, all you could feel was anger towards God.
«How DARE he let this happen!?»


 Christ, being a son of God, knew the reason why he needed to go through what he did, but even so, asked God in his hour of hardship in the Garden of Getsemane: «Lord, if it be thy will, let this cup pass me by». Even he, the Son of God, felt pain and fear. But he did what he needed to do knowing it was the will of his Father in Heaven.
Our Heavenly Father loves us more than we can fathom. He loves us and cares for each and everyone of us. He pains for us as we go about our lives and we experience hardship, heartache and cruelty.
But death is but the travel home. When loved ones leave us, they are blessed with the opportunity to let go of the pain that the physical body gives us. They are free again. And one day we will all meet again, the veil will be lifted from us and we will see and remember and understand. We will find peace and feel the fullness of love from our Heavenly Father again.
And as we keep progressing as beings, our life on earth will be but a short while of a great and continuous learning.
I wish you strength and love in your particular journey. Despite whatever you are going through, there is peace to be found in remembering that God does indeed love us. Whether we took it upon us or were given this life, he loves us and wants us to know that.
Whenever I am in my darkest moments, if I am able to remember that God loves me and that this is but a brief moment of a greater life, it gives me peace, despite the circumstances.
I always try to find happiness in the small moments in life. If only seconds or minutes, it does not matter. alle the happy moments count and are like sugar grains to a meal and  although tiny, give us a sweet taste to the entire meal.

Like today, I wasn’t feeling too well, and my 8 year old comes to me with flowers she just picked saying she saw the flowers and thought of me, wanting to pick them to brighten my day. Which she definitely did!

Remember we are all on this journey together. It might seem unfair, but we do not know what we took upon us before we came here, we do not know what we were willing to do and learn and feel. But one day we will return to our loving heavenly Father, we will be embraced by love and we will remember and see and understand. but until that day,

be brave, 
hold on 
and keep walking, 
one step at a time
whatever may come
and you will return home
and all will be well

This journey does have a destination, a place of rest, comfort and abounding in love.
And one day we will understand it all. But until then, keep your fatih and carrry on. We are not alone.

Love and hugs,

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